BTec Marking System

Rightly or wrongly, much of accepted best practice in educational marking and feedback is intrinsically algorithmic: report the grade, state the learning outcomes met, state the level achieved with the correct grading descriptor, and so on. This system ensures that even with the minimum of work from the tutor, a learner receives task-targeted feedback, optimised to each specific Learning Outcome and its respective Grade Descriptors. More importantly, this ensure the marker can focus on what isn’t algorithmic: useful expert feedback. This was the initial work which lead eventually to the BTec Marking Mode for Moodle, for which I was awarded Moodler of the Year 2014. While that work made use of Moodle’s Rubric system (not designed by me) it was this system which acted as the modal and which I attempted as far as possible to implement within Moodle.

The presentation is linked above; I have also archived BTec Marking Mode Set Up Instructions for general reference.


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