I have been developing in PHP/mySQL for several years and herepresent, a selection of random sketches, knocked off from the early 00s and of varying hackishness. I’ve done some proper stuff too.

Scripts all use PHP/mySQL and as such cannot be directly published by this WordPress install. They therefore display in <iframe>s with the option to go fullscreen.

Langton’s Ant, a PHP TURmite — Langton’s cellular automation implemented in PHP.

Scale the Solar System! — a script to show how big space is.

Jannerize — a databased hierarchicalised RegEx substitution system. With swear words.

BTec Marking System — a semi-automated feedback and marking system,.

SPOTstat — a KML writing GPS tracking system.

Chords — a permutation engine for modelling extended tonal harmony.

The Cyber-Cowell — a randomised pop song generator.

Quilts — a multiplication pattern viewer to introduce number theory.

SaxTab — an automated fingering generator for soprano sax.

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