Vegan Resources

The continuing rise in both vege/veganism and serious neuro-ethical scholarship concerning animal advocacy sadly also runs parallel to projected increases in meat production/consumption by both established and developing industrial economies. The following list of resources represents a simple resource hub of scholarly information designed to support arguments in favour of vege/veganism.

Ethics | The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness | The Other Minds Problem | Animal Sentience Journal | Fish Pain: An Inconvenient Truth | Cow Sensation, Cognition & Emotion | A Vegan Ethical Primer X | De-normalisation of Meat X
TEMPORARY | De-normalisation of Meat| The Kill Counter | The Extent of Suffering: Abattoir Reports X
TEMPORARY | The Extent of Suffering: Abattoir Reports | Abattoir VR

Biotechnology | In Vitro Meat | Cellular Agriculture | Mark Post | Andras Forgacs

Environmental Science | Climate Change | Environmental Impact Paper X
TEMPORARY | Environmental Impact Paper | Antibiotic Resistance NHS summary | Antibiotic Resistance Paper | PNAS: Vegan Co-benefits on Health & Climate | World Preservation Foundation | FCRN (2017) CO2 BioSequestration | Poore & Nemecek (2018) Metaanalysis (login required) | Poore & Nemecek (2018) Metaanalysis (Guardian Precis)

Nutritional Science | Am. J. Clinical Nutrition: Vegan Health | Physicians Committee: Vegan Benefits | Vegan Diet Myths | WHO: Meat Predicts Colorectal Cancer | American Dietetic Association: Position Paper | 57 Dietary Advantages to Veganism

Media | Famous Vegans

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